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Lichenwings Trove | Artisan Coffee Blend

Lichenwings Trove | Artisan Coffee Blend

$22.00 USD

Medium Roast | Whole Bean | NET WT 12oz 

"You've been exploring the Enchanted Forest, rumors of a new dragon species pushing you on. You come upon the edge of a bluff, looking down into an alcove, and there! You see it! The illusive Hornwort Dragon, that you've been searching endlessly for, rests upon a rock in middle of the alcove, looking out to the deep water. Behind him, you see a cavern - the sun glinting off of something shiny inside..."

Roast Flavor Profile:

Rich chocolate and brown sugar with notes of spice, cascara and wine.

All coffee is roasted fresh to order and picked up locally at Northwoods Roasterie in Lindstrom, MN. 

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