Collection: Hedgewitch Hollow

Deeper, maybe even deepest, into the Fablewood - far past The Enchanted Forest with its golden, dappling light - you come upon a place called the Tanglewood. It is the part of the forest where trees grow spindly arms, fog and mist make odd shapes in the dimming light, and ravens and toads make even odder noises - as if they were talking to each other. In the moody dim, along a mossy path, you come across a stone hedge. Beyond it, an ornate cottage with friendly light beckons you reprise from the chill. Pumpkins litter the yard, and herbs and flowers nestle along the outsides, smelling of sage, rosemary, lavender, and the sweet leaves of a crisp autumn. Desperate for a bit of warmth, you make your way passed the hedge and into the overgrown yard, a steaming cup of brew on your mind...

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