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Wee Dirt Friends | 16oz Glass | Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

Wee Dirt Friends | 16oz Glass | Dishwasher + Microwave Safe

$25.00 USD

The rain has just nourished the earth with its gentle pitter-patters, the dirt alive with wee dirt friends such as worms, pill bugs, and wiggling roots. A wood mouse sniffs for a snack, mushrooms sprout lazily from the loamy earth. Dandelions and clover burst forth in whimsical glee, offering their nectar for the bumbling bees. Spring has arrived in the Enchanted Forest.

This glass is dishwasher and microwave safe! Thoroughly tested, lovingly made.

Bamboo Lid Care:

To extend the life of your bamboo, hand wash.
Additionally, heat and humidity can cause mold on the lid, so if left unattended for periods of time in such conditions, pop the lid off of the cup for moisture to evaporate and escape, minimizing mold growth.

Please Note:

Once initial stock sells out, these items move to preorder, with a 1-2 week turnaround.

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