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Mossy Knoll | Soy Candle

Mossy Knoll | Soy Candle

$17.00 USD

"Light dapples through the ancient trees' canopy, amber hues illuminating floating spores and soft greens. The lilting breeze wraps all it touches in its embrace and the wisps of the wood chime their sweet bell tones. You've stumbled upon a mossy knoll. The earth below you is soft and loamy, inviting you to lie down and rest..."

Mossy Knoll aims to capture the feeling of entering the woods during golden hour, when amber light streams through the trees and illuminates lush foliage and changing leaves. All is silent aside from the nature surrounding you and holding you. Made of oakmoss and sage for the earthy, grounded feeling; lavender and amber for calm and golden warmth; citrus for focus on the little details.

Top Notes: Sage, Orange, Grapefruit, Citrus
Middle Notes: Lavender, Musk
Base Notes: Oakmoss, Amber, Tonka bean

9oz amber glass jar with black lid

Handcrafted in Utah

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