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Northwoods Roasterie

Spriggle Root | Light Roast Artisan Coffee Blend

Spriggle Root | Light Roast Artisan Coffee Blend

$22.00 USD

Wiggling sprigs of flora burst through the underbrush of leaves, snowmelt, and new green. The woodland around you is littered with remnants of winter and spring flowers. A feywild fox nestles in the hollow of the Tangleroot tree, her sleep accompanied by the dappled light of morning. She has spent the night hunting, nourishing her belly for her new littles, due to arrive soon. Spring unearths around her, embracing the life she is about to bring to the forest.

Flavor Profile

Fresh, earthy garden with notes of strawberry and peach.

Light roast
Whole bean
NET WT 12oz 


Spriggle Root is a professionally roasted blend. Where some companies use flavored powders to enhance their coffees, Fablewood Goods is committed to pure bean blends. The beans are roasted using several single origin coffees, each batch of beans harvested from different regions around the world and roasted together to fit the flavor theme. The taste comes through naturally from the bean itself and the science of the roast.

All coffee is roasted fresh to order and picked up locally at Northwoods Roasterie in Lindstrom, MN - a family run coffee shop and roasterie that is local to Fablewood Goods.

We strive for quality, fresh beans, unique blends, and whimsy!

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