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Petrichor | Wickless Soy Candle

Petrichor | Wickless Soy Candle

$18.00 USD

The rain has just nourished the earth with its gentle pitter-patters. The woodland releases it's fragrance into the air in exultation, the loamy dirt and newly sprouted greens of the forest floor greeting your senses as you wander.

This candle is wickless, perfect for those who are concerned with fire hazards around little ones or just in general, but love the aesthetic of cute vessels. Use with a heat lamp or wax melt base.

Top notes (the smell before warming): musk, earth, green floral 
Middle notes (the smell while warmed): rain, earth, moss, green floral
Base notes (the underlying smell while warmed): fir, patchouli 

Please be sure to track your packages during the summer months, as the heat can cause them to melt or bead and they need to be brought inside immediately. 

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