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Forgotten Trove | Mug

Forgotten Trove | Mug

$25.00 USD

"You have learned the dragon's name is Lichenwing, named after the green, loamy lichen that clings to the cliffside. Lucky for you, he's friendly, and loves to share stories. He tells you of a time, long ago, of a female dragon...

After surviving a tireless battle, she had retreated to her cave and the egg that lay there. Wounded, she curled a protective tail around her youngling, buring herself under her treasure like a blanket. She soon fell into a deep sleep, never to awaken again..."


Printed vinyl design
Holds liquid heat up to 270 degrees and cold at -4 degrees


Hand washing recommended
Do not soak in water or alcohol
Do not wipe with harsh chemicals
Dishwasher or microwave not recommended

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